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Laboratory of Grenoble for sciences of conception, optimisation and production

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Laboratories & structures of research

Research at Grenoble INP is conducted at the school’s national and international laboratories, which are operated jointly with partner institutions (CNRS, INRIA, IRD, and the CEA) within the Grenoble-Alps University community. The school’s internationally-renowned research is made possible by close cooperation between the different labs and the technology platforms’ advanced equipment and know-how.


22 laboratories, 20 joint research units

Grenoble INP’s research labs were evaluated by HCERES (France’s higher education assessment board) in 2015 (see the evaluations). The results of the evaluations highlight Grenoble INP’s contributions to Grenoble’s international reputation as a center for research.

3SR Soil, Solids, Structures - Risks
G2Elab Electrical Engineering
GAEL Applied Economics
GIPSA-lab Image, Speech, Signal, and Automation
G-SCOP Design, Efficiency, and Production
IGE Institute for Environmental Geoscience
IMEP-LaHC Micro and Nanoelectronics, Microphotonics, Micro and Nanosystems, Microwaves and Opto-microwaves
LCIS System Design and Integration
LEGI Fluid Mechanics and Transfer Phenomena
LEPMI Electrochemistry and Physical Chemistry of Materials and Interfaces
LGP2 Paper-Manufacturing Process Engineering
LIG Ambient and Sustainable Information Systems
LJK Applied Mathematics - Information Systems
LMGP Materials and Engineering Physics
LPSC Subatomic Physics and Cosmology
LRP Rheology and Processes
NEEL Institut Néel. for Basic Research in the Physics of Matter
SIMaP Materials and Process Science and Engineering
SPINTEC Spintronics and Component Technology
TIMA Information Technology and Microelectronics Techniques for Computing Architecture
TIMC-IMAG Medical and Complexity Engineering - Information Technology, Mathematics, and their applications
VERIMAG Embedded Systems

Other partner laboratories in the Social Sciences and Humanities

CERAG Center for Research Applied to Management
CREG Grenoble Center for Research in Economics
LaRAC Grenoble Laboratory for the Education Sciences
Pacte Public Policy, Politics, and Local Communities


Date of update April 19, 2018

International Laboratories

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