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Eating Local: An IT Challenge?

Farmers who want to supply school canteens should invest in a small vegetable ‘processing units’ that will make fresh produce ready to cook. Canteens no longer process raw products…

 Bifocalps Project

Bifocalps project’s presentation

Bifocalps project - Boosting Innovation in factory Of future value Chain in the Alps- is a European project (Interreg) funded by European Commission from November 1, 2016 to October 31, 2018.

SPARK Européen Project   (H2020)

Collaborative platform for innovation projects

SPARK project aims at realizing a responsive and intuitive ICT platform that exploit the potential of Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR) to show designers and customers real-like solutions in the form of mixed prototypes (partially virtual and partially physical) during brainstorming sessions...

Project CIRC€UIT

Projet Circular European Innovative Training Network

The CIRC€UIT project, European project of the Innovative Training Network type, was selected within the framework of the call for project 2016. The G-SCOP laboratory is a partner in this project, which will finance 15 thesis for the period 2016-2020.

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Written by Jonathan Martinat

Date of update May 7, 2018

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